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You feel sluggish most mornings when you get up. If this sounds familiar, Now it’s time to care about your health. Over 97% of Americans live unhealthy, according to a new survey by Oregon State University. Over 2 billion people are eating too much unhealthy food every day. Now people realize the need for a good healthy life is of great importance. If you want to live a good healthy lifestyle, you should read and follow 10 tips for good health. These tips help you enjoy a good healthy life.

10 tips for good health 1: Limit unhealthy drinks


You should reduce right now take unhealthy sugary drinks like fruit juices, sweetened teas, and sodas. Because these are the primary sources of added sugar. We found several studies report sugar increases heart disease and also type 2 diabetes. Sugar also increases blood pressure levels and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. You should take healthy drinks avoiding sugary drinks.


  • water
  • unsweetened teas
  • sparkling water
  • coffee
10 tips for good health

10 tips for good health 2: Reduce fats foods 

You should eat fats less than 30% of your total foods. It will help you prevent unhealthy weight increases. Reducing saturated fats to below 10% of the total eating of foods recommended by the WHO. You should convert trans fats and saturated fats to unsaturated fats. You can find unsaturated fats in avocado fish, nuts, sunflower, soybean, olive oils, and canola. Highly find saturated fats in butter, meat, cream, and coconut oil.

10 tips for good health

10 tips for good health 3: Sleep at least a min 7 to max eight hours per night 

You need deep sleep for setting yourself up for a successful, energized day. Sleep deprivation increases your unhealthy conditions and negative mood. Also, decreases your energy and motivation power. Everyone needs at least min 7 to mix 8 hours of deep sleep at the night. Then try to improve sleep strategies to get deep sleep. Create a restful environment, minimizing light and noise with a perfect bedtime routine. Sleep Improves your memory power, productivity, and Immune System.

10 tips for good health

10 tips for good health 4: Don’t smoke

Smoking tobacco causes lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Tobacco kills smokers and also those besides smokers. Over 933 million people smoked each day in the world. If you are currently smoking, now is the time to quit smoking. You will get not only immediate but also long-term health benefits.

10 tips for good health

10 tips for good health 5: Regularly check blood pressure


Hypertension silently kills a person. Many people don’t know about they have hypertension, Because hypertension has not any symptoms.  Hypertension is the main reason for heart, brain, kidney, and other diseases. Check blood pressure regularly and If you know your blood pressure is high. You should get the advice of doctors. This is a way the prevention and control hypertension.

10 tips for good health

10 tips for good health 6: Prevent mosquito

Mosquitoes most deathly animals for human beings in the world. Every year over 700 million people get a mosquito-borne illness and over 1 million deaths. Mosquitoes help send diseases from one person to another. Like chikungunya, dengue, lymphatic filariasis, and malaria.  You can easily protect yourself and your family against mosquito-borne diseases. You should destroy mosquito breeding sites every week and use bed nets.

10 tips for good health

10 tips for good health 7: Clean hands properly


You should do proper handwashing for removing germs and harmful bacteria from your hands.  Handwashing helps you prevent the extended of diseases. You can easily keep clean your hands using soap and water. Also, use sanitizers to clean your hands when you have no water.


Benefits of clean hands properly


  • You can keep your workplace healthy.
  • You can reduce food-borne illnesses
  • You can reduce lingering bacteria
  • You can increase your antibiotic resistance
  • Keeps kids healthier
  • You can prevent infections of the eyes, nose, and mouth
10 tips for good health

10 tips for good health 8: Drink only safe water

Drinking unsafe water can diseases water-borne such as cholera, diarrhea, and hepatitis A . Globally, over 2 billion people use unsafe drinking water every day.  Make sure you are drinking safe water by checking your water refilling station. You should boil your unsafe water for 1 minute and cool it naturally before drinking. This will destroy all harmful organisms in the unsafe water.

10 tips for good health

10 tips for good health 9: Must follow traffic laws

Over 1.3 million people die each year from road accidents survey report to the WHO. You can prevent by road accidents following traffic laws. Like, such as using a seatbelt, or wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle or bicycle. Not drinking and using phones while driving.

10 tips for good health

10 tips for good health 10: Eat fruits and vegetables much more


Vegetables and fruits remain prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You can get the most important minerals for your health from Vegetables and fruits. By eating Vegetables and fruits you can protect yourself from type stroke, 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure.


Benefits of Eating fruits and vegetables much more


  • fruits and vegetables remain of vitamins and minerals.
  • Lots of fiber.
  • Fruits and vegetables remain low fat and low calorie.
  • Increasing immunity protects cancer and other diseases.
  • fruits and vegetables remain low in cholesterol and sodium.
  • Fresh, frozen, canned, dried
10 tips for good health

The above 10 tips for good health help you to maintain good health. You can follow all of these ideas to keep your healthy life.